LPREIA Information

The Lone Pine Road Estates Improvement Association was formed to promote a strong community, maintain our private beach lot, and review building plans for development within the neighborhood.  We are governed by the Deed Restrictions and By Laws of the Association.
Every fall, the annual meeting elects 3 of 9 board members to sit in three year terms.  The nine member board is presided by a President and other officers.  Furthermore, the Association has volunteer committees that review plans, maintain the beach lot, plan social events, and much more.
Our 2023 board members are:
Term (Years) Board Members
2023 - 2025
Neil Armstrong - Treasurer
Neil Loviner
Jim Rivard
2022 - 2024
Eric Wroldsen - President
Heather Chidiac
Harris Ng
2021 - 2023
Ted Harper - Vice President
Paul Copses - Secretary
David Jacobson
We are members of the United Homeowners Association.