History of Lone Pine Road Estates

The 80 acres of Lone Pine Road Estates were deeded to Peter J. Desnoyer in 1824 by the then President of the United States, James Monroe. The 111 lots are occupied by beautiful homes, making our Lone Pine Road Estates subdivision one of the finest and most desirable residential areas in Bloomfield Township. 
Wilma Peabody, who lived on Gilbert Lake just south of our subdivision, provided us with many stories. Jim and Wilma’s ancestors, including Ellen Peabody, owned all of our subdivision and the land to the south of it in 1890. At that time it was a working apple orchard with only horse trails running through it.
A study of the deeds of our residents reveals that the 80 acres have been sold and resold many times. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Piper had owned the land since 1909 and wanted to establish an exclusive residential subdivision. So, our history will begin in the 1920’s when roads were laid out and lots on Gilbert Lake were sold. The first nine homes built in our subdivision were on Lots 18, 25, 27, 36, 64, 66, 69, 71 and 106.
The 1929 Depression caused a suspension of building activities, except for a few additional homes along the lake. In 1952 building activity resumed and Frank Lloyd Wright, the renowned architect, designed a home for Lot 15 on Ponvalley Road. 
Another interesting home is on the corner of Ponvalley and Deepwood (Lot 36). It was built in the late 1920’s. At the time, General Motors was in financial difficulty and had to borrow money from Dupont. In order to protect their money, Dupont sent one of their financial executives to Michigan to watch over their loan. This home was built for him.
In order to protect the integrity of future homes in our subdivision, the Lone Pine Road Estates Improvement Association was formed and incorporated on May 17, 1954. Its founders were D. Chandler, Everell Fisher, H. Steggal, Donald O’Toole, Arthur Griswold, Floyd Taylor, Karl Richards, Robert Swanson and Joseph Flaherty. A Plan Approval Committee was created by these founding fathers. It has done an excellent job and we have had good cooperation from Bloomfield Township.
Perhaps you’ve noticed that Deepwood Road was originally called Wilson Road? There were three Wilson Roads in Bloomfield Township and the Fire and Police Departments had difficulty when they responded to calls, so the residents of the then Wilson Road changed the name to Deepwood.

History of Gilbert Lake Beach Lot – “Outlot A”
Gilbert Lake covers about 80 acres and has an average depth of 13 feet. It is spring fed and has a peat bottom. Prior to 1961, what is now our beach lot on Gilbert Lake was a water saturated swamp, and our beach and picnic area was originally one of two Gilbert Lake islands. Jack Loviner, with the help of Lawrence Herman, Sr., hired a dragline tractor and bulldozer. They built a road (the causeway) from the main land out to the island with lake bottom dirt. For the past 42 years, we have maintained a sandy beach, picnic area, badminton/volleyball court and boat racks. A sprinkler system, large stone erosion protection wall, tall decorative fence and landscaping have made the beach lot an attractive addition to our subdivision.

History of Lone Pine Road Estates Improvement Association (LPREIA)
The Lone Pine Road Estates Improvement Association (LPREIA) was originally incorporated on September 28, 1953, as a non-profit corporation. The articles of incorporation were filed with the Michigan Corporation and Securities Commission on that date.  The Association was created to maintain the Deed Restrictions.  Bylaws can be found in the Residents section of this site.
The following persons have served as President of the Association since its inception:
1955 D.W. Chandler 1982 George Bihler
1956 Arthur Griswold 1983-1984 John Sillick
1957 Donald O'Toole 1985-1986 David Wright
1958 Jack Loviner 1987 John Hayward
1959 Howard McDonald 1988 Guy Lombardo
1960 William Lovis 1989-1990 Michael Klein
Richard Anderson
1991 Don Lambe
1962 Laurence Herman 1992 Ed Chambliss
1963 Charles Armstrong 1993 Jeff Hitchcock
1964 Thomas Plante 1994 Janice Gunther
1965-67 James Goldsmith 1995 Kathy Hitchcock
Thomas McKenna
1996 Joan Magee
1969-70 Vincent Kaptur 1997 Kathy Hitchcock
1971 Russell Longon 1998 Harris Mainster
1972-75 Herbert Schnetzky 1999 Larry Smith
1976 James Vernor 2000-2001 Gilles Testé
1977 William (Bob) Marshall 2002-2003 Ken Nisch
1978 Irene Schnetzky 2004-2005 Lou Shoha
1979 Judith Hayward 2006-2014 Jamie Richard
1980 Antonia Sillick 2015-2019 Martha Littrup
1981 Peg Henry, Al Loff 2020 Sharon Li
    2020-2023 Eric Wroldsen
To read more about the historical homes in our neighborhood, follow the links below.
The Griswold House is a 1939 house in the neighborhood that is being tracked by the Bloomfield Historical Society.
The Smith House was gifted to Cranbrook by the Smith family.  It is available for tours from the Cranbrook Art Museum.